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This page is using the free uTube stack from Stacks4Stacks (the Stacks plugin is a separate purchase from Yourhead Software and is NOT included with the purchase of this RapidWeaver theme). The video placement was set to 'FreeStyle' (to embed the video directly into the theme banner region). The stack was configured to fetch a video from YouTube. The video will start playing automatically (only on web browsers that support autoplay) and the video is configured with modest branding and with no controls. Short video (that loads quickly) and with no volume will work best in theme banners.

Because video autoplay and overlaid elements are not supported on iOS and Android, the stack is configured to display a static image on these detected devices instead. So that means no video will be visible in the banner on devices like the iPhone and iPad. This will also suit users who are typically accessing pages over slower cellular networks.