I am away until Wednesday 30th July. Correspondence received during this period will be responded to after I return. If you have an urgent support case that you need help with, post it to the RapidWeaver forums instead.

10 minute theme quick start guide

This useful introductory guide covers all the basics of how to get started with your new RapidWeaver theme. Topics include installing new themes, duplication, CSS optimisation, theme graphics, style settings and publishing. Essential information for anybody new to RapidWeaver, seeking to avoid common problems and build brilliant new websites quickly and efficiently.

The Quickstart Guide >

The theme user guide

This free document is nearly as big an an ebook, and covers just about everything you need to know about RapidWeaver themes. It starts with the absolute basics of RapidWeaver and covers a broad range of subjects, right up to more advanced topics like theme customisation. All popular topics like image editing, embedded fonts, responsive design, navigation options and theme style settings are covered. It also lends many expert tips along the way for getting the most out of RapidWeaver and building stunning websites like a pro. The theme user guide is regularly updated with revised information and new topics.

The Theme User Guide >

Get in contact

Send an email or other communication (using the links in the banner above) with detailed information of the problem(s) encountered. Include as much information as possible like the product being used, purchase name, purchase email, version number and steps to replicate each problem. If you're not sure what to send or how to send it, please read the information towards the bottom of the theme user guide. It's often vital that diagnostic checks can be run on your source code, therefore you should provide a link to a live published website or forward a copy of your RapidWeaver sandwich file. Copies of your customised theme or RapidWeaver sandwich file can be forwarded safely using a free service like Dropbox. Ultimately the more information provided by yourself, the easier and quicker it's going to be to resolve issues, so don't skimp on the details! Most correspondence normally gets a reply in about 6 - 12 hours, 7 days a week.

Free theme updates

Updates for ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes are free for all existing users. Theme updates are periodically released to introduce new features and maintain compatibility with the latest plugins and web browsers. You can tell if an update is available for your theme, by comparing the number appended after the theme name in RapidWeaver, to the number shown on this website. Generally theme updates are not sent out automatically, because previously it was found many of the emails went missing in junk or spam mail filters. Instead you are invited to check for updates yourself, and download them at a time convenient to you. Updates also get publicised via the RapidWeaver Addon website, the RapidWeaver Central newsletter and the free iCentral app. I also discuss upcoming and released theme updates via my personal blog, Google+ and Twitter.

Theme updates can be obtained using the original download link, emailed to you at the time of purchase. If you no longer have this download link or you require an expired link to be reactivated, please send an email (using the link above), remembering to include the following information:

  • Name of the updated theme you need an update for
  • The name and email address used at time of purchase
  • The purchase method used (i.e. website purchase or purchase order)
  • Any other useful information like the date or invoice number
Once your purchase details have been located, you will be sent a new download link. Theme updates are recognised in RapidWeaver as new themes, so multiple versions of the same theme can be installed alongside each other. This means you can selectively update certain projects to use newer themes, and any customisations you've applied like custom code or images don't get deleted. For more information on updating themes, please see the theme user guide.

Purchasing Help

You can purchase RapidWeaver themes and other addons from this website securely 24/7. Please use the free demo versions provided, to fully evaluate products before purchase. The free demo versions provided on this website let you fully test the product on your computer, against real content and plugins. There are no time restrictions imposed on free demo versions, however links between pages will be disabled and elements of the theme (like graphics or the website footer) may display watermarks or credits. Once you have purchased a theme, you will receive a 'unlocked' version which you can use to start building your website with. Please note that it's not possible to unlock demo versions with a license key. Demo versions are intended for quick evaluation purposes only.

It's strongly recommended that you keep a copy or record of the purchase details when you buy from this website; as these details are commonly required as 'proof of purchase' when requesting future updates or support (without this information, you may otherwise need to repurchase the items again). We've aimed to make the purchase process as simple as possible and have therefore provided 2 methods for you to make your purchases:

Purchase using the shopping cart

The shopping cart provides the fastest method for purchasing RapidWeaver themes or other addons from the ThemeFlood website or the E-Junkie Marketplace. Use the E-Junkie Marketplace if you want to combine both themes and stacks together in the same order. All major credit and debit cards are welcome, and payment can also be taken via PayPal. All financial transactions are handled securely by a reputable company called 2Checkout and download links are issued automatically via email from E-Junkie.

Step 1

Next to corresponding items you want to purchase on the ThemeFlood website or E-Junkie Marketplace, click on the 'Add to Cart' buttons. This will add the item(s) to a virtual shopping cart, the contents of which are saved for 7 days. Any applicable bundle discounts are applied to your order automatically, in the shopping cart window.

Step 2

Ensure that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions. Also ensure that you have previously already downloaded, installed and evaluated the free demo versions provided. All purchases are final and refunds are not provided for unused or unwanted products.

Step 3

When you have all the themes or other RapidWeaver addons you want to purchase in your shopping cart, click on the 'Checkout' button, at the bottom righthand corner of the cart window.

Shopping cart
Step 4

Follow the onscreen instructions carefully. Here you will be required to provide billing information. You will be prompted to provide some personal details (like your name, address and email address). Click on the 'Proceed to payment form' button, to go through to the secure checkout.

Billing information
Step 5

On the secure checkout page, choose either Credit/Debit Card or PayPal from the options shown (some payment options may not be available in some countries, and in other instances you may have more payment options to choose from). Complete the required details for the preferred payment option. Then click on the orange 'Submit Payment' button.

Secure checkout
Step 6

After the transaction has completed (and funds have been received) you will be sent one or more emails containing your download links any any other relevant information (like installation instructions). Check your spam or junk mail folders if you do not appear to have received these emails within a few minutes.*

Step 7

Use the download links in the email(s) to download and install the full versions of the purchased addons. Demo versions can be deleted if you're not using them any more.

Purchase using direct order

If your order total is £20.00 GBP or more (comprising of themes or stacks), you may submit it as a direct order. Direct orders are processed manually, and therefore take longer before you receive the items (compared to a shopping cart order). However direct orders let you pay using a wider variety of other payment methods not handled by the normal shopping cart, including the following:

  • A verified PayPal account
  • All major credit and debit cards
  • Bank transfer, using BACS, IBAN, SWIFT or another international electronic money transfer system
  • Cheques from UK bank accounts or building societies
  • iTunes vouchers, or other vouchers (by prior agreement)
Step 1

Ensure that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions. Also ensure that you have previously already downloaded, installed and evaluated the free demo versions provided. All purchases are final and refunds are not provided for unused or unwanted products.

Step 2

If your order total is £20.00 GBP or greater, complete this order form or submit your own order form to the email address listed on the support page. If submitting your own order form or template, please be sure that it includes your name, address, email, telephone, items, qualities, prices and the final total.

Order form
Step 3

After submission of the order form, you will be issued with a PDF invoice via email. Check the order is correct and then follow the payment instructions printed at the bottom of the invoice.

Sample invoice
Step 4

Once payment has been received, download links for the requested items will be issued manually to you via email, together with a purchase receipt. At this point you can install the purchased addons and begin using them.

Typically it takes 24 hours to receive an order from you and issue an invoice with the payment instructions attached. It then takes about 24 hours to receive payment from you and issue download links for the required addons. An effort is made to try to speed things up, however it is worth noting that things are generally slower over weekends and public bank holidays. Download links will only be issued once full payment has been received from you. Unpaid orders are automatically closed after 30 days. Normal terms and conditions apply.

Purchasing themes and stacks in the same order

You can purchase both themes and stacks in the same order, which is especially useful if you want to take advantage of generous bundle discounts automatically applied to your order. To do this, please click through to the E-Junkie Marketplace website instead. This website maintains a complete inventory of all ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes and other addons (like stacks). Here you will be able to combine both themes and other addons together in the same order.

Bundle discounts

We currently provide the following bulk-buy bundle discounts for larger orders:

  • Purchase 5 or more ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes or stacks in the same transaction, and receive a 25% discount off your order total.
  • Purchase 10 or more ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes or stacks in the same transaction, and receive a 50% discount off your order total.

Bundle discounts are shown and applied automatically in the shopping cart. To get your discount, all items must be purchased at the same time, in the same order. If you wish to mix RapidWeaver themes and other addons together in the same order, please purchase using the E-Junkie Marketplace.

Special promotions

Currently we are providing a 15% discount code with all purchased ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes, off the WeaverPix plugin. WeaverPix is the ultimate RapidWeaver plugin for building awesome image layouts and powerful slideshows. Version 3 (the newest version of WeaverPix which this discount code is valid with) introduces some brilliant new features and is a must-have for photographers or anyone else serious about displaying multiple images on RapidWeaver websites. The secret discount code is included in the email sent to you after a purchase (the same email with the theme download link in).

Further help

If you require further assistance with making purchases from this website or if you have other questions not covered here, please get in contact using the links at the top of this page.