Theme name: Storm
Current version: 2.0
Last updated: 16th May 2014
First released: 9th July 2010
Total sales: 92
Requirements: RapidWeaver 5.0 or later
Doctype: Valid HTML5
Font Awesome version: 4.1.0
Bootstrap version: 3.1.1
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Example website: View online
Download example website: Click hereThis link will download the same RapidWeaver sandwich file we used for the example website. It may give you a good illustration of how the example website was created and a useful template to start building with.

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ExtraContent addons pack
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This is a particularly bold RapidWeaver theme with emphasis on professional web font faces, a highly customisable FreeStyle header container and a completely fluid page layout. A simple fly-out navigation layout has been deployed, enabling end-users to quickly navigate websites built with Storm. Under the surface, you'll find lots of very useful theme style and colour settings available; giving you the ability to customise a great many aspects of the theme and build exceptional websites of professional quality.

Mobile first

Storm is a mobile-first RapidWeaver theme, meaning that we target smaller devices (like smartphones and tablets) with style and layout code first, before moving onto larger screen sizes. This ensures the fastest, the most flexible and the most efficient webpage rendering for all of your website users; of paramount importance now that handheld devices makeup a significant share of website traffic.

On smaller tablets and smartphones, the sidebar container is rendered under the main content container. The block navigation links are reformed at the top of the page, as a simple toggle open / close accordion unit. Aspects like the header and content containers resize to fit the screen. The free demo version of Storm provides an excellent insight into what this sophisticated theme is capable of, on a variety of screen sizes.

CMS friendly

Are you building a website and want others to have the ability to login and edit it? Storm is one of the most CMS-friendly themes available to build with. CMS stands for 'content management system', and is a method of updating content outside of RapidWeaver. Storm works with all the popular CMS solutions available for RapidWeaver, including (but not limited to) RW/Writer, PageLime, Armadillo and the warehouse module in WeaverPix. This is great news if you want to remotely post new blog entries to your website or periodically update your photographic galleries while on the road. CMS systems like Armadillo are able to reuse aspects of the theme (like the navigation menu) and dynamically populate them with your page navigation links.

Header container

Storm comes supplied with 40 example banner background images (numbered 1.jpg - 40.jpg). As always, you can use any of these example banner background images in your projects or use your own images in the banner instead. To use your own images, place an image in ExtraContent2 or use the FreeStyle banner technique (detailed in the theme user guide). Your banner images will be scaled responsively and can also be enhanced with title and ALT attributes for the benefit of search engines. Another trick you can perform is to enable the Banner Content Box in the theme settings; which displays ExtraContent3 as a semi-transparent box over the banner image; great for social networking icons or important messages.


Storm uses the recently announced RAFT 2.0 (responsive adaptive framework for themes) plugin, for the website navigation. On mobile devices, the website navigation is presented in the form of a simple toggle / accordion style menu, to conserve screen space and allow users to easily tap and drill-down to lower levels of the website. On screens greater than 768px wide, an animated fly-out menu is used. The fly-out menu is able to support links than span multiple lines, Font Awesome icons and automatically displays a chevron icon against all links with subpages available. The navigation menu has been carefully crafted to facilitate ease of use on all screen sizes.

Many aspects of the navigation menu can be customised, using the provided theme style settings. The font size (for the fly-out menu style), fly-out menu width and all navigation colours can be customised. Miscellaneous style settings are also included to animate the indicator chevrons or hide them completely.


By default, the sidebar is 20% wide and floated to the left of the main content container; encompassing some logo placeholders, the website navigation, some ExtraContent containers and the sidebar content. These sidebar settings take effect on all screen sizes greater than 768px wide. On screen sizes less than 768px wide (like tablets and smartphones) the navigation unit remains at the top of the page, whereas the sidebar (which normally contains content of lesser-importance) is moved downwards to below the main page content container.

Tip: The website navigation always remains at the top left of the page, to permit the fly-out menu's to open correctly. If a right sidebar setting is used, care should be taken to ensure that the height of the main content container always exceeds the height of either the navigation or sidebar content contains, on either side.

Embedded Fonts

Storm provides the option of embedded web fonts. We use Oswald for headings and Source Sans Pro for all other body content and navigation. Embedded web fonts are a growing trend and can give pages a professional touch. Using the Google Web Fonts service provides a straightforward method to get these fonts embedded and less problems with licensing. You can modify the embedded font faces used (swap them for others) by opening the theme contents (see the theme user guide if you don't know how to do this), navigating into the CSS folder and then editing the embedded.css files stored in body-fontface and title-fontface folders.

Tip: You can preview embedded font faces in RapidWeaver by downloading them from the Google Web Fonts website and installing them on your computer. Then when you're previewing your website in RapidWeaver or you're without an internet connection, you'll still be able to see what the fonts look like.

Print output

A lot of RapidWeaver themes fail really badly when it comes to printing; frequently resulting in horrible messy printouts which are as good as useless. Storm includes special CSS code for printing. This code hides nonessential items like backgrounds and page navigation links. Complicated layouts like columns, sidebars and floats safely degrade to a single column. Easy-to-read font faces and colours are applied, together with extra features like displaying URL's after links (so people receiving a printout of your website can go back and visit the links later). It's these small details that can make a big difference.

Other details

Storm uses valid HTML5 markup; for the best possible performance on modern web browsers and excellent compatibility with a wide range of RapidWeaver addons. This theme has been tested and confirmed to work reliably in IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera web browsers.

Work has been done in the theme to optimise page loading and reduce the overall bandwidth of pages. Internal theme components like stylesheets, Javascript and images have been optimised for the smallest possible file sizes. We call files like Javascript at the end of pages, so that your content loads first. This gives pages a fast and 'snappy' feel to them. jQuery Javascript code within the theme runs inside its own namespace and closure, to greatly reduce the risk of conflicts with other scripts added to pages.

Website accessibility is a vitally important factor when publishing content online. Storm makes use of ARIA landmark page roles, to help guide screen readers and other assistive devices. Simple site navigation structures ensure that users can easily find their way quickly around sites build using Storm. Optimisations have also been made for the benefit of search engines indexing website published using Storm.


Storm is currently supplied with a 15% discount code for the latest version of WeaverPix. The theme also includes free usage of the FreeStyle banner stack, which normally retails at £10.00 GBP. If you require help with purchasing Storm, please click onto the support page and click the 'purchasing help' tab for more information.

Updates for the Storm RapidWeaver theme are free for all existing users. Theme updates are periodically released to introduce new features and maintain compatibility with the latest RapidWeaver addons and web browsers. You can tell if an update is available for Storm, by comparing the number shown next to the theme name in the RapidWeaver theme panel, compared with the version number shown on the right.

Generally theme updates are not sent out automatically, because previously it was found many of the emails went missing in junk or spam mail filters. Instead you're invited to check for Storm updates yourself, and download them at a time convenient to you. Updates also get publicised via the RapidWeaver Addon website, the RapidWeaver Central newsletter and the free iCentral app.

Theme updates can be obtained using the original download link, emailed to you when you purchased Storm. If you no longer have this download link or you require an expired link to be reactivated, please send a quick email, and include the following information:

  • Name and version of the theme you need an update for (in this case say that you need Storm 2.0)
  • The name and email address used when you purchased the theme
  • The purchase method used (was it purchased through the website or as a direct order?)
  • Any other useful information like the date, or invoice number

Once your purchase details have been located, you'll be sent a new download link. Theme updates are recognised in RapidWeaver as new themes, so multiple versions of the same theme can be safely installed alongside each other. This means you can selectively update certain projects to use newer themes, and any customisations you've applied like custom code or images don't get deleted. For more information on updating themes, please see the theme user guide.

Feel free to use this comment form to ask any questions about the theme, put forward ideas, submit feature requests or post links to awesome websites you've created using the theme. Comments are moderated, so it may take a little while before they show here. If you have an urgent or non-public question, simply contact me directly.

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