The free RapidWeaver themes listed on this page are free to download and install on your computer. Some of the themes listed were originally created as design prototypes for premium RapidWeaver themes. Other themes have been donated by outside developers or rescued from websites that have since closed down. Each theme is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which permits you to use and modify them for any purpose (including personal and commercial use), providing that any credits and attributions remain intact and on display at all times. It is possible to customise these themes, by editing code in the theme contents. Custom background images can also be embedded using a tool such as RapidWeaver MultiTool or RapidThemer.

If you find any of these themes useful in your projects and want credits removed, please consider making a small donation securely using PayPal. I can also accept iTunes gift vouchers. The suggested donation amount for a free theme is £5.00 GBP. Free themes can also be customised on your behalf. If you encounter any bugs or have ideas for new themes, please get in contact.

  • Basic Blue

    Basic Blue

  • Bionicle


  • Black


  • Blanco


  • Bookmarked


  • Christmas


  • Darkroom


  • Delicious


  • Easy


  • Express


  • Fail Whale

    Fail Whale

  • Flat


  • Focus


  • Geographic


  • Green


  • Grid


  • Keynote


  • Lux


  • Mac Blog

    Mac Blog

  • Minalicious


  • Natural World

    Natural World

  • Opera


  • Panoramic


  • Pixie


  • Poster Lite

    Poster Lite

  • Spotlight


  • Support Desk

    Support Desk

  • Theme Different

    Theme Different

  • Two Dot Zero

    Two Dot Zero

  • Typical Theme

    Typical Theme

  • Upwards


  • Upwards

    Vector Header

  • Very Basic

    Very Basic

  • Video Text

    Video Text

  • Web 1.0

    Web 1.0

  • White


The aptly named 'Blank Theme' is as the name suggests, a totally blank RapidWeaver theme with a single content container. The Blank Theme is mighty useful if you just need to build a simple page layout using Stacks, Blocks, HTML code or styled text. It includes a couple of basic theme style and colour settings (including responsive widths) and incorporates the opensource Twitter Bootstrap toolkit.

The Unofficial Theme SDK is a slightly more advanced version of the standard theme SDK Realmac Software already provides via GitHub. In this SDK, we demonstrate a few other theming techniques commonly used in RapidWeaver like split navigation layouts, colour pickers, intelligent jQuery calling and ExtraContent. This Unofficial Theme SDK is great if you are just getting started with building your own RapidWeaver themes. This same theme SDK is used nearly daily by ThemeFlood in the construction of custom RapidWeaver themes for clients.

  • A Blank Theme

    Blank Theme

  • Unofficial Theme SDK

    Unofficial Theme SDK

These image packs give you a selection of free patterns and textures which can be incoporated into theme backgrounds, banners, headers or containers. Typically each image pack contains between 40 and 100 images, fully optimised and ready to be used in your page designs. Each image pack also contains the orgional Pixelmator file, used in the creation of the image. There are more details in the theme user guide, which outlines several methods of customising theme graphics. Image packs are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which permits you to use and modify them for any purpose (including personal and commercial use).

  • Aurura


  • Bokeh 3D

    Bokeh 3D

  • Bokeh


  • Circles


  • Clouds


  • Contemporary Lines

    Contemporary Lines

  • Spatters


  • Spotlight


  • Tiled Squares

    Tiled Squares

  • Watercolor


I've recently embarked on a challenge to digitilise many of my late-grandfathers transparencies. By my estimate there are several thousand covering a wide range of subjects including nature, English landscapes, special events, coastlines, and foreign detinations like Egypt and Switzerland. They range in date from 1950's up towards the present day. Rather than just chuck them all in a skip, my intention is to slowly sort and scan many of these that are not too badly 'mouse-eaten', and make them available for others to use. At this stage if there is anything in particular you are looking for, please drop me an email. I have a rough idea of what's in each of the 14 cardboard boxes. They are not absolutely top-quality (given their age), but could be restored or have special effects applied to create rather artistc images. Some could be useful as 'stock' images in business or education websites. I used a few in the Flood RapidWeaver theme for banner backgrounds here and here.

These stock photographs are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.

  • Bristol Balloon Fiesta

    Bristol Balloon Fiesta, August 1986 (53 images)

  • Cloudscapes

    Cloudscapes, various (33 images)

  • Egypt

    Egypt, 1984 (104 images)

  • Lake District

    Lake District, 1988 (89 images)

  • Switzerland

    Switzerland, 1980's (18 images)

  • Winter

    Winter, 1964 (9 images)