Theme name: Monsoon
Current version: 3.3
Last updated: 4th December 2013
First released: 9th August 2010
Total sales: 130
Requirements: RapidWeaver 5.0 or later
Doctype: Valid HTML5
Font Awesome version: 4.0.0
Bootstrap version: 3.0.2
Usage agreement: Click for details
Example website: View online
Download example website: Click hereThis link will download the same RapidWeaver sandwich file we used for the example website. It may give you a good illustration of how the example website was created and a useful template to start building with.

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Bootstrap code snippets
ExtraContent addons pack
FreeStyle banner stack



This theme is primarily intended to offer a simple yet robust framework to build a broad variety of websites with. Many style and colour settings are offered in Monsoon, to make a wide number of theme customisations possible for both novice and elite RapidWeaver users, who demand quick, professional results. Choose between a single or double horizontal navigation bar, customise the header with your own images and change aspects like sidebar position, body background and theme width.


The upper header container in Monsoon is created using a FreeStyle banner container. This gives you a very flexible space in which to display eye-catching content above the page fold. This FreeStyle banner container can accommodate static images, slideshows and even video. If you have not worked with the FeeStyle concept before, then check the details in the theme user guide. Additionally, any image placed in ExtraContent3 will get rendered as the header background.

Title / Slogan

This sits within it's own box and is floated left or right at the top of the header region. The width and position of this title / slogan box can be customised in the theme style settings. It breaks from the norm and gives a slightly different way to present this content on the page.


Monsoon opts for the choice of either a simple block or split navigation layout. No drop-down menu is provided in this RapidWeaver theme. The split navigation layout lets you display parent page links (and optionally) second level links below the header container in horizontal bars. Third-level and lower links are displayed in the sidebar. If you instead opt for a block navigation layout, all page navigation links will be presented in the form of a simple site map, in the sidebar container.

The alignment of links placed immediately below the header in horizontal bars can be easily switched from left, centre or right alignment. The colours and other aspects of navigation link styling can also be changed within the theme.

On smaller screens, the horizontal navigation links can be set to revert to a toggle navigation type. This avoids breakage of the menu on smaller screens (like tablets and smartphones). The exact 'breakpoint' at which the toggle navigation menu is activated can be easily changed in the theme Toggle Navigation settings.

Style settings

Monsoon includes a decent selection of useful theme style and colour settings. Aspects like the body background, body margin, font faces, text size, line spacing, width, navigation styling and sidebar positioning can all be changed quickly and effortlessly within the theme. The free demo version of Monsoon available to download from this page will give you a full insight as to what's available. You may be pleasantly surprised at just how flexible this RapidWeaver theme actually is.

Social bar

Social media plays a vital role in promoting businesses organically via a virtual word-of-mouth. Monsoon incorporates an optional social bar container at the top of the page. This container (ExtraContent1) allows you to place useful links, icons and short extracts of information like contact details. The social bar styling can be adjusted and you can have the social fixed or static. You can also set the social box floating left or right as a box.


Monsoon uses a modern HTML5 Doctype and has been tested and confirmed to work in IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera, Chrome and Firefox. The theme performs well on devices like the iPad, iPhone and Nexus 7. It also plays nicely with a wide variety of RapidWeaver page style plugins, like Stacks and WeaverPix (not included).

Much work has been done to ensure that websites built using Monsoon load quickly and consume less bandwidth. To achieve this, most calls to Javascript files have been moved to the end of pages and these files have been minified. Monsoon is compatible with CSS consolidation in RapidWeaver and Gzip file compression on your web server.

Fully responsive

As you would expect, Monsoon is a fully responsive theme with mobile adaptations. This means that you can build a single website for conventional desktop web browsers, which can also adjust to display beautifully on smaller handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. This is an important consideration nowadays when so much website traffic comes from mobile devices.


This RapidWeaver theme includes the complete Twitter Bootstrap Toolkit. Bootstrap is laden with useful style and layout modules you can use for building powerful websites and web apps. Font Awesome Icons have been added to Monsoon too, and these provide a choice of over 360 vector font icons which are retina-display compatible.

Because the structure of this theme is quite simple, Monsoon is also a RapidWeaver theme that adapts well to being modified. Unlike many other themes that break the moment you show them a code editor, Monsoon is safe to work with! In the past, many web developers have taken the basic Monsoon theme and built much more sophisticated RapidWeaver themes with it.


Monsoon is currently supplied with a 15% discount code for the latest version of WeaverPix. The theme also includes free usage of the FreeStyle banner stack, which normally retails at £10.00 GBP. If you require help with purchasing Monsoon, please click onto the support page and click the 'purchasing help' tab for more information.

Updates for the Monsoon RapidWeaver theme are free for all existing users. Theme updates are periodically released to introduce new features and maintain compatibility with the latest RapidWeaver addons and web browsers. You can tell if an update is available for Monsoon, by comparing the number shown next to the theme name in the RapidWeaver theme panel, compared with the version number shown on the right.

Generally theme updates are not sent out automatically, because previously it was found many of the emails went missing in junk or spam mail filters. Instead you're invited to check for Monsoon updates yourself, and download them at a time convenient to you. Updates also get publicised via the RapidWeaver Addon website, the RapidWeaver Central newsletter and the free iCentral app.

Theme updates can be obtained using the original download link, emailed to you when you purchased Monsoon. If you no longer have this download link or you require an expired link to be reactivated, please send a quick email, and include the following information:

  • Name and version of the theme you need an update for (in this case say that you need Monsoon 3.3)
  • The name and email address used when you purchased the theme
  • The purchase method used (was it purchased through the website or as a direct order?)
  • Any other useful information like the date, or invoice number

Once your purchase details have been located, you'll be sent a new download link. Theme updates are recognised in RapidWeaver as new themes, so multiple versions of the same theme can be safely installed alongside each other. This means you can selectively update certain projects to use newer themes, and any customisations you've applied like custom code or images don't get deleted. For more information on updating themes, please see the theme user guide.

Feel free to use this comment form to ask any questions about the theme, put forward ideas, submit feature requests or post links to awesome websites you've created using the theme. Comments are moderated, so it may take a little while before they show here. If you have an urgent or non-public question, simply contact me directly.

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